Words! Words! Words!  Everyone has an opinion these days, an inspirational quote to post online, an analysis of every issue and a commentary about commentaries.  That’s not to be condemning; I’m first in line with the tendency to analyze things and give the “right answer.”  I was talking with my friend Rebekah Wadsworth who has an excellent aptitude for teaching and is in the process of becoming a better teacher and, similarly, she is learning about how God is the best teacher in life.  In our conversation, she told me two things that she tells her students that relate really well to life:  “I’d rather you make a mistake than cheat off someone else’s exam” and “It’s not about getting the right answer, I’m trying to teach you a concept.”  There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in these statements.

So often we see or read about people who have been successful and inspirational and we think that by doing what they did we can mimic their results.  The truth is that we each have something we are meant to do and we have a totally unique way of doing it.  I’d rather fall and take a couple of wrong turns than to walk the same path in the same manner as someone else.  I don’t want to miss any of the story that God has written for me.  The Bible is the written Word of God.  That being said, the Bible can be used for anything. It’s been used to start cults and deadly crusades.  There are two voices that speak scripture: One brings Life and the other death.  There is value to words, indubitably, but if all we have is the perfect things to say, five-star plans and nothing in reality to show for it, well, it’s like biting into a hollow apple or an empty promise.  When God speaks, He gives us a gift.  His Words come with substance, with Life.  His Words become a part of us, not only memorized script.  Sometimes what isn’t said, but what is done, is louder than a well-prepared speech.


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