The Secret Place: Living Before God’s Eyes


Take your eyes off man.  Live for the purpose of pleasing God, your maker.  There are hidden places in God that He shares with those who seek Him.  Those He loves, those who spend time with Him out of love, share in the hidden places in God’s heart.  Jesus slept during the storm [Mark 4:38], walked on water with the intention of passing by [Mark 6:48], revealed hidden things to the woman at the well [John 4], and prayed privately [Mark 1:35].  Secrets are attractive.  Just as the multitudes flocked to Jesus because of His mysterious works– they were attracted to the light, the secret, behind His eyes.  The more He shared His secrets, revelations and truth, the more attractive He became to those who were given to Him and the more hated He was by those who rejected Him, Christ the Messiah.

It is not for me to be know, but for Jesus to be known.  Live for the audience of One.


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