What do you want?


First recorded words of Jesus Christ are: “What do you want?” [John 1:38]

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “All get what they want, but not all like it.”  It seems we get caught spending our life on something.  Time is like money, except you are constantly and consistently spending it.  Its always being spent on something.  If you evaluate your desires simply by what you are purchasing, what would your desires be?  The question Jesus asks is a difficult question to answer personally.  We are complex people with various desires, and many desire something that they don’t know how to “purchase.”  And even more people spend their whole life trying to slam the hammer on their evasive desire and get a good look at what it even is.  Therefore, many are left unsatisfied in life.  Sleep escapes us, depression is always knocking, confusion is a regular diet, and guilt pays a visit to those who know what they “should want”.  With all those vultures and cold, dark clouds, its hard to remember that we were meant for the Promising Sunshine.

Desire is a womb.  Desire is an escort to deeper things.  Desire is a sign of breath in the lungs.  Desire takes you out of the norm.  It is fascinating that Jesus would record His first words as being an expression of interest in the heart of man– the desires of man.  Reading further in John 1, Jesus asked, “What do you want?” and the men answered with desire to go with the Messiah (Jesus).  The Messiah [“The Anointed One”] was the One who would take them out of darkness, the One who would bring them life, the One who would feed them food from God, the One who would give them purpose, and the One who would give them freedom.  Those men received what they wanted, and spent the rest of themselves on that desire.

One desire– the desire for the One.


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