Welcome to 2015: The Voice of Hope

January is almost here!  I think January is my favorite month of the year.  It’s like spring time in my mind.  We get to look back over the happenings of the last year and look forward to the year to come.  It’s a great time to brainstorm afresh, dream big and reprioritize.  Personally, I’ve started my January early this year.  I always do something special to dedicate the year to God and it’s always a special month for me to talk with God and He always has surprises for me.  I’m skipping into January with a new favorite word: Hope.  It’s not being naive or ignorant, but its a powerful voice that can speak hope to seemingly hopeless situations.  The difference in a voice of hope or hopeless is primarily where we put our focus.  Do we focus on the solution or the problem?  It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with arrogant leaders, bankruptcy, sickness, or injustice…. people who know Jesus do not have the right to be hopeless.  I heard this sermon (below) and I hope it stirs up hope in you as it did to me:

“There is not one part of our life that is worthy of hopelessness.  It’s like God is saying, “I am the God who comforts. Who do you think you are to not believe?  Who do you think you are to be afraid? I gave you My Son and you are tasting of eternity.  Who do you think you are to live without hope?”  Look around you at the circumstances going on around us politically, economically, ecologically… any area that you can think, the enemy has succeeded in raising up the voice that best represent hopelessness.  It is hard to find the voice of hope.  Sometimes it’s called discernment, it’s called so many things, but its not right, it’s not Kingdom.  ‘Glory to God is the highest AND ON EARTH’… that is the will of God… ‘and on the Earth peace and goodwill toward men.’  Peace: that prevailing substance of the atmosphere of heaven.  Peace: that which touches spirit, soul and body.  Peace: that which absolutely engulfs and individuals life where it tames ever bit of opposition that surrounds them.  Its the Prince of Peace that crushes the power of darkness under our feet.  Why?  Because peace isn’t the absence of something, it’s not the absence of noise or war, its the presence of someone.  The enemy has already been defeated, we are just announcing the victory already won.  We do not approach the Lord as if He is operating on a Russian Roulette concept that maybe you might get a breakthrough occasionally if you spin things just right.  That same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you.  Sometimes that thing that keeps us from our breakthrough is our marriage to hopelessness.”


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