Stand Firm in Hope

It’s easy to complain about all the problems in the world. It’s easy to point fingers at people we make out to be villains.  “If our president would just do this…” “If my church mates would stop being hypocrites…” “If my boss would just stop being controlling…” “If we all just worked together…” “If my spouse would just…” It’s easy to pass blame and make excuses.  It’s easy to view all efforts of improving our lives or “the system” as futile.  It’s easy to let others do what’s right.  It’s easy to criticize.  It’s easy to think that controlling/changing other people will solve things as if we are not apart of the problem, but God only gives self-control.  Hope is easy to loose when we look at the problems.

Yet God gave us full authority to overcome all the powers of the enemy (Luke 10:19).

Jesus gave us the victory.

Children of God have no right to be hopeless.

We carry the solution that people need.

Let’s bring the solution to the problem.

Everything is an opportunity for God!

Blind_3 copy


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