FACE 2 FACE Ministry

I’ve officially joined FACE 2 FACE Ministry.  Don’t be confused, I’m still with Action International Ministries.  ACTION is made up of many different ministries.  When I moved to the Philippines, I had no plan of which ministry to join, I just wanted to see what I could learn and what opportunities God would bring for me.  I’ve learned so many things the past 1-1/2 years about language, culture, and ministry.   I had the opportunity to join Will and Joanie Feuersteinfounders and missionaries of FACE 2 FACE (F2F), on some typhoon relief trips last year.   Long story short, we all knew God was partnering us up.  I’m so thankful for their guidance, support, leadership and friendship.  Actually, I’ve known this couple since I was 7 and they are from Cleveland, Ohio too.  They are the people who first invited me to visit the Philippines in 2006.  We didn’t expect to partner up, as their ministry is primarily in the maximum security men’s prison.  But God had different plans.  The typhoon relief opened the doors to some great opportunities for ministry in places that have little to no Christian work being done.  That’s where my role comes in; I am pioneering the FACE 2 FACE Island Ministry in Iloilo, Philippines.  God has done amazing things so far, and we are so excited for what He is going to do through this new partnership.  F2F focuses on one-on-one evangelism, compassion and advocacy for the poor.  In this issue, you’ll find more information about what we are doing in the Island Ministry and a little more of how that came about.


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