Injured Nose Opens a Door

In the last few months, I’ve had pink eye, typhoon encounters, fainted on public transportation, and injured my nose.  God has taken such good care of me and nothing has been serious.  The day I injured my nose, I was with some youth at a pool with a slide.  I incorrectly went down the slide head-first.  At the bottom, I hit my nose against the slide and a chunk of skin was broke open right between my eyes.  As I was waiting for disinfectant and cotton, a stranger was sitting near me and we started talking.  I waited a long time for medical attention, but during that time I learned that this person grew up in church and played on the worship team, but he left some years ago.  We talked and shared about my life and, in the end, he wanted to start worshipping God again.  God is real.  Not believing in gravity doesn’t make it any less true.  This person tried to live without God in his life, but God has a way of finding us and ministering to us personally.  You may also be happy to know that my nose it totally back to normal and had no major problem.


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