Sweet Sleep

Sometimes opportunities open up not just to help other people, but for God to encourage and strengthen me.  My brain is constantly “on” and processing language, culture and situations.  I often find myself wanting to take a nap or a moment to quietly recharge, so I do!  I prioritize resting, so I listen to my body’s call for a nap or to get away.  These are the moments when I get to pray, take a breath, think on truth and let my body recharge.  If we never stop working, it might be a lack of faith in God to be able to take care of things.  When we let God set our schedule and agenda, we will never burn out or be in despair.  You know, God’s agenda is simple.  He wants a relationship with His children.  We have opportunities to help other people and introduce them to Jesus or help grow them in their faith. But, we also have constant opportunities to talk with God throughout the day, and that is just as important to God as loving other people.  It’s in the moments with God that He gives us hope, joy, peace and love.


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