Target Community: Julog

“In His [Jesus] teaching the islands will put their hope.”

Isaiah 42:4b

The Island Ministry of F2F began in Iloilo province as typhoon relief.  F2F was able to help some families of prison inmates who were affected by typhoon Yolanda in November 2014.  God provided abundantly for this project and we were able to help fix a school, rebuild a church and rebuild several houses.  As we interacted with people, several people met Jesus for the first time and we saw entire families transformed by the love and power of Jesus.  In response to what we saw God doing, we decided to continue in ministry there.  This is how F2F Island Ministry began, and my role is leading this ministry in the islands.  I started taking monthly trips to learn the language, deepen relationships, network and seek God for what our ministry will look like there.  Early on during my trips there, the community of Julog stood out.  Julog is a community of refugees who lost everything in the typhoon and an oil spill forced them to move.  Government housing has been provided for them (after 2 years of being destitute), but they are still the poorest of the poor, little eduction, no jobs, no church and they have little hope for improvement.  This is a perfect opportunity for God to turn their lives around and this is where F2F will focus.  We’ve begun to visit the community regularly and are excited for what God will do in this community.

IMG_3104 IMG_3061 IMG_2656


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