Today is an important day.  Tomorrow is the day we think we’ll be bold, we’ll be healthy, we’ll spend time doing the things really want to do, we’ll spend time with those we love, we’ll loose our addictions, we’ll obey God, and we’ll turn our life around and make changes.  This trick about tomorrow is that it never arrives.  Its like chasing a rainbow, you can see it but you can never reach it.  Our lives are typically built around tomorrow.  Education and jobs are generally a means to a better tomorrow thats more financially secure with insurance and retirement, instead of being a pursuit of passions.  So much is invested tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.  When tomorrow comes, it becomes today and we realize we invested nothing in today.  Today is an important day.

God always uses whatever we have on hand.  He multiplies the small amount of bread of a child to feed thousands (Mark 6:38), He used the harp that David was familiar with to cause evil spirits to leave and bring peace to a king (I Sam. 16:23), and He took my weakness and willingness and created a channel for His power (2 Cor. 12:9-10).  There is a wisdom to planning for the future, but without investing in today we will become like those who are “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. (2 Tim. 3:7, NASB)”  I’m not content to live in a world ruled by sin.  As I am only given self-control and not control over other people, then I decide to let God rule my today.  The world I live in and the atmosphere I create around myself is one that thrives in hope and enjoys the benefits of salvation.  There are those who have heard the good news and yet do not experience the promises of God because of lack of faith, because they invest in tomorrow and not today.  But God has fixed a certain day, “Today,” to enter His promises and for those that have the desire to enter shouldn’t postpone until tomorrow (my summary of Heb. 4:1-7)


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