About the Author:

Someone once told me that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but the love of God is the highest wisdom.  My earliest memory, around the age of four is a moment of feeling terrified at the idea of being separated from God.  At that moment, I asked Jesus to save me from my sins, He came and has never left me since.  I grew up in a loving Christian home and was very involved with church.  On my road to earning my B.S. in chemistry, I was heavily involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, leading Bible studies, organizing major events, discipling in evangelism and prayer.  Part of me was genuine and honest in these activities, but I had a deep struggle in my heart.  Doubt crept into my mind, sin snagged a foothold, and guilt ruined the silence in my life.  My double-mindedness brought me to a crossroad.  To make a long, beautiful story short and sweet, I pleaded with God to show Himself to me.  I had a radical encounter with God: the doubt became strong faith, the guilt became security in my Father God’s love, and the sinful addictions lost all power.  GOD IS AMAZING!

My international missions involvement started at age 12 on a trip to China.  I returned to China on another short-term mission trip and began to feel very strongly that this was something I’d like to spend my life doing.  I continued to take trips:  Philippines (2006, 2009), Guatemala (2007), Netherlands (2010), and Uganda (2010).  The trips ranged anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months.  The adventures entailed teaching English, helping with feeding programs, working at orphanages, encouraging other missionaries, organizing a conference, preaching, teaching, and always getting to know people on a personal level, making friends and praying for and with them.  After my first trip to the Philippines, I knew I had to return.  Following my second trip, with prayerful consideration, I knew one day I would live there.  I’ve known for most of my life that God was leading me into full-time missions.  Knowing and pursuing Jesus is my one desire and it is so worth it to serve God with me life.

Current Work:

I am working with Action International Ministries (ACTION), an evangelical interdenominational missionary-sending agency that works in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  ACTION networks with local churches, national organizations and other mission agencies to reach people for Christ.  For more information about ACTION, please visit their site: www.actioninternational.org.

I moved to the Philippines in 2014 as a career missionary to follow God’s call on my life and I am now serving with FACE 2 FACE Ministry under ACTION.  I am an “Itinerant Missionary” who travels as I following the leading of the Father’s voice.  My primary focus is in Iloilo, Philippines.  As an extension of F2F prison ministry, we aided families of inmates in Iloilo back when typhoon Yolanda hit.  We have had the privilege to watch God take that small act of service and multiply the opportunities and give us great favor in that area.  Our typhoon relief phase of ministry is finished and I am heading up the ministry of discipleship and evangelism in that area, following where the Holy Spirit leads and ministering to people face to face and sharing with each person an experience with the One who is Love, Jesus Christ .  I also teach English and tutor as a way of practically helping people.  I speak Tagalog, the national language, and I am learning Hiligaynon, the local language in Iloilo, in order to have closer relationships with the people there.  We are focusing on reaching the poor and the remote islands there and be incarnational with the vision of establishing Communities of Believers.


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  1. hey girl,

    sounds like you are having a blast…happy for you….was not REAL thrilled with couch surfing but GLAD it all worked out.

    Peace & Love,


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